Welcome to Apricity OS, a modern, intuitive operating system for the cloud generation of computing.

Apricity OS is an open source, freely distributed, modern, and beautiful desktop-oriented operating system derived from the well-known Arch Linux distribution and built around the GNOME desktop environment, which has been stripped down to its basics in order to offer a low on resources system for all users.

Apricity OS lets you put your favorite web apps on the desktop with ICE, a simple SSB (Site Specific Browser) manager.

These specialized browsers minimize the number of steps between you wanting to use your favorite web app and you actually using it.

This embodies our vision here at Apricity: we want to help make your workspace, and your playspace, more productive and elegant.

Apricity OS, by stripping down the Gnome desktop environment to its essentials, is able to be fast and fluid without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Apricity OS idles at around 500 megabytes of memory usage, as opposed to other popular operating systems that idle at up to several gigabytes. This also helps bring boot times down to just a few seconds.











11.2015 Beta



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2015.11 (64-bit)
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11.2015 Beta
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