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Netscape Navigator was one of the most used browsers when Internet first became available to the general public, and it was the first to include a script language on web pages. Netscape Navigator offers improved pop-up blocking and enhanced security. Netscape Navigator 9 is available as a standalone installation for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. To

siduction Cinnamon is a free, open source and beautifully designed GNU/Linux operating system derived from the siduction Linux distribution, which in turn is derived from the award-winning Debian distro. As its name suggests, the distribution uses the Cinnamon desktop environment for its graphical sessions, both 3D and 2D software rendering modes are available. Forked from


Mirage is a simple, free, and open source image viewer that lets you open images quickly, zoom in and out, and do simple editing. The first thing that stands out in Mirage is that it has a minimalistic interface which only shows the options necessary to be able to enjoy the photos and if the
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