An independent small, rolling distribution, fully focused on KDE/Qt. Using pacman as package-manager.

KaOSx is completely independent and provides users with a rolling-release system, which will make sure that their installations will always be up-to-date without requiring them to download a new ISO image and upgrade the entire OS.

To create reliable Media for booting the Live ISO, please select USB or DVD and follow the instructions for either using a USB flash drive or DVD disc.

For those wondering about gtk apps, firefox 42.0, chrome 48, thunderbird 38.3.0, ardour 4.4.0 are among the available in their latest version.

If you like KDE and Arch Linux-based distributions, you should really give KaOS a try. Who knows, it might become your only operating system.











2015.11 (64-bit)



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Beta 2
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2015.11 (64-bit)