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Netscape Navigator is a web browser based on Firefox. The browser gives advanced pop-up blocking and improved security. Moreover, Netscape Navigator is available for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

The Navigator was one of the most used browsers when the Internet first became available to the general public.  It was the first to include a scripting language on web pages.

To make browsing more comfortable, it has a sidebar that will allow us to save the links that we want to visit later, to avoid saturating the markers: we only have to drag the link to this bar.

You can share new pages, vote for the best internet resources you discover and use frequently. Save links for later to bookmarks.  Follow the freshest news right from the browser. Make the search more advanced; let Netscape fix typical typos in URLs.

If you liked this browser and you want to have it on your Linux distribution, here is the last ever version of Netscape.

Download Netscape Navigator from Softwsp.

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