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Donkey-Me is a new version of the classic Donkey Kong whose main character, instead of the famous Nintendo plumber, can be any of a number of the most charismatic protagonists of 90s cinema: Hans Solo, Ripley, Father Karras, Conan, Indiana Jones and Rambo.

The program lets you choose from ten different settings corresponding to ten different movies. In each setting there will be three levels that, depending on the film, will let you play different characters and confront different enemies.

On the Star Wars set, for example, you can be Luke Skywalker in the first level, and Hans Solo in the second. Of course, you will also face different enemies, and you will have to save different characters.

The mechanics of Donkey-Me is identical to that of the famous Donkey Kong in every way.

You even have the special hammer, which will be replaced by the appropriate weapon that corresponds to the film in which you are playing (a sword for Conan, a light saber in Star Wars, or a whip in Indiana Jones).

Donkey-Me is a modern platform classic that preserves some of the most traditional elements of the genre.

The best part? The game combines these elements with films like Big Trouble in Little China, The exorcist, Conan: The Barbarian, and First Blood.

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