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Stunt Rally

Stunt Rally is a spectacular racing game in which players can compete both against the computer in various different game modes, and in multiplayer races over the Internet, LAN, or on split screen with up to four players. To make the game more attractive, its developers included support for game controllers and 9 different game

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Version 2.6

Simutrans is an open source, completely free and multiplatform graphical video game implemented in SDL and designed from the offset to provide an economic and transport simulator for all Linux kernel-based and UNIX-like operating systems. The main means of transport in Simutrans are bus, truck, train, boat and plane. You not only have to construct

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Version 120.1.1

Donkey-Me Publisher’s Description Donkey-Me is a new version of the classic Donkey Kong whose main character, instead of the famous Nintendo plumber, can be any of a number of the most charismatic protagonists of 90s cinema: Hans Solo, Ripley, Father Karras, Conan, Indiana Jones and Rambo. The program lets you choose from ten different settings

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Version 1.0

An open-source Linux operating system based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Version 8.1-1911

An easy to use IDE for KDE Software Compilation

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Version 5.4.6

A free and open-source multiplayer Civilization-based game

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Version 2.6.1

The leading audio/video codec library for all Linux and UNIX-like operating systems

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Version 4.2.2

The ultimate MKV manipulation software for Linux-based operating systems

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Version 42.0.0

A fun, entertaining and addictive kart racing game for GNU/Linux operating systems

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Version 1.1
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Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is a free office-suite alternative to Microsoft Office or Apple’s iWork Suite. The application is available in many languages and works on all common computers. Apache OpenOffice also works transparently with a variety of file formats, including those of Microsoft Office. Localizations of Apache OpenOffice are available in 27 languages, with more being

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Version 4.1.7

Unity is a graphical configuration program for the Unity desktop environment of the Ubuntu OS that lets you change some of the Unity settings. Its most innovative element is the dock, a lateral bar that lists the most-used applications as well as open windows, something similar to the Mac OS X dock or the Windows 7

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Version 7.2.2 (64 bits)
Linux Mint 18

Linux Mint is an open source project that provides users with a completely free and easy to use operating system based on one of the most popular free distributions of Linux, Ubuntu. The Mint project has released 32-bit and 64-bit versions for both MATE and Cinnamon editions of the Linux Mint 18 Beta. The default

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Version "Sarah"