FFmpeg is an open-source tool that lets Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X users to playback, record, convert and stream video and audio files. It is applied in almost all Linux distributions.

It is a command-line tool that can encode, demux, decode, mux, stream, transcode, play, and filter almost any media format possible.

FFmpeg uses libavcodec, the most superior audio/video codec library for Linux and UNIX-like systems.

The software is composed of a multimedia streaming server for live broadcasts, a simplistic media player based on the prevailing SDL library, an easy multimedia stream analyzer, a library that includes functions for interpreting programming, and another library that incorporates muxers and demuxers for multimedia container formats.

Among other traditional FFmpeg-based projects, we can consider the Chromium, VLC Media Player, and Google Chrome web browsers, ffdshow, Electric Sheep, Kdenlive, HandBrake, libquicktime, MPlayer, OpenH323, MythTV, QtAV, XBMC, as well as the GStreamer framework that is applied in many modern Linux-based operating systems.

Expert Linux users can learn to use FFmpeg straight from the command-line, as the project presents a complete manual and online documentation.

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