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Freeciv is an open-source, multiplayer, and absolutely free empire-building TBS game where players grow leaders of different civilizations. The gameplay is very alike to one of the Civilizations I & II games.

Being massively motivated by the history of individual civilization, the Freeciv game begins in prehistory. The player’s purpose is to start a tribe made from as many people as possible from the Stone Age to the Space Age.

To begin a multiplayer game, type “civclient” in a shell prompt. It is advised to use the “civclient -tiles trident” command to get a 2D map. Click “Connect to Network Game” on the principal menu, click the “Metaserver” tab and then the “Refresh” button.

See if a game is accessible on the “Pregame” window, if attainable one that has players, connect to it, and remain there for more players. Possible commands are “/create the name” to add an AI (Artificial Intelligence) client and “/start” to start a fresh game session.

Freeciv is more than a game, as it enables users to make their personal rules.

The game carries over 500 nations, more than 50 playable assemblies, various languages, and mod packs. It comes pre-loaded with situations, maps, and an in-game help system that will help new users to learn how to perform Freeciv.

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