GDM Tweaker is a software to manage graphical display servers and handles graphical user logins. It gives X Window System and Wayland users a graphical login prompt. Manage graphic with this display manager.

The GNOME Display Manager (GDM) is a great to handle graphical user logins. GDM Tweaker stores some GDM settings in a DConf database. You can configure them either by adding key files.

GDM disregards GNOME cursor theme settings. Also, it ignores the cursor theme set according to the XDG specification.

Make larger font for log-in screen and turn off the sound with GDM Tweaker. This tweak disables the audible feedback heard when the system volume is set on the login screen.

GDM Tweaker allows configuring power button behavior. Moreover, you can enable tap-to-click. Note that tap-to-click is disabled in GDM and GNOME by default.

GDM Tweaker has a system keyboard. If a system has multiple users, you can specify a keyboard layout for GDM different from the system keyboard layout.

GDM Tweaker supports language settings. You can change language from the default, specified in the system.

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