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KDevelop is an open-source, portable, and available software project that gives users a feature-full, plugin-based IDE for the C, C++, and other generally-used programming languages.

Key innovations incorporate an easy-to-use, yet the complicated graphical user interface written in the Qt GUI toolkit, support for sessions, support for a broad range of programming languages, the capacity to set up an application as a next project, as well as the capability to build a project from scratch.

In addition, it occurs with several tools, views, modes and working sets, support for keyboard shortcuts, unit tests, support for templates, and classes.

With KDevelop, developers will be capable to explore the source code of an existent application and make adjustments to enhance it.

The application has been created from the ground up to assist 12 programming languages, 11 documentation formats, 5 build tools, 4 revision control systems, 5 development toolkits, 3 code editors, and dozens of other excellent tools.

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