KodiBuntu is a Linux-based OS focused exclusively on Kodi. It is a mix of Kodi/operating system to use on PCs running Kodi manually. Try a perfect alternative to Windows or a more extensive and complicated Linux-based OS.

KodiBuntu is a Linux distribution focused exclusively on Kodi. It is the best way of turning your old computer into a complete media center.

KodiBuntu contains Kodi for Linux compiled with the ‘standalone’ mode. It provides certain functions not available in regular Kodi installations (Windows, Mac Linux). KodiBuntu includes Power Management and Network Management. Moreover, KodiBuntu comes with Chromium for web browsing. Chromium is available on the start menu.

KodiBuntu comes within Systems / Package Manager tools. Install other applications for your specific needs.

KodiBuntu is one of the best multimedia centers. You can download it on different platforms. Play multimedia files for iOS and in APK format for Android.

The Linux distribution is focused on running Kodi and all its features.

Download KodiBuntu from Softwsp for free!

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