Parrot Security OS is a free, open-source distribution of Linux. The OS is based on the well known and award-winning Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

The OS proposes all the necessary tools for hacking, penetration testing.  It is specially created for vulnerability assessment and mitigation, penetration testing, computer forensics, and anonymous web browsing. It is a cloud-friendly operating system. You can use Os for reverse engineering and cryptography.

The Parrot Security OS  includes a ton of applications. Among others are TrueCrypt, Ettercap, Iceweasel, Vidalia, Wireshark, VLC Media Player, RecordMyDesktop, BleachBit, XRCed, PyCrust, Hydra, Nmap.

OS is for 32-bit and 64-bit processors as well. Moreover, the Parrot Security OS is available for ARMv7. But note, that the system is certified to run on devices that have a minimum RAM 256MB.

Download Parrot Security OS from Softwsp.

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