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SuperTuxKart is an entertaining, addictive, feature-rich, multiplatform, and openly distributed game that reproduces kart racing. As its title suggests, the central character of the game is Tux, the Linux mascot.

Key features incorporate support for multiplayer games applying a split-screen setup, over 20 courses, and tracks to play on, as well as support for various gameplay modes, including Single Race, Grand Prix, 3-Strikes Battles, Time Trial, and Follow-the-leader.

Additionally, the game highlights amusing characters, such as Tux, which carries up to 4 players playing concurrently on the same PC.

Whether you want to attend the Egyptian monuments, drive through the sand, view the famous lighthouse, race in space or underground, SuperTuxKart is the game you want to download.

When racing, you should be very concerned about the things launched by contestants, such as bubble gums, plungers, cakes, or even bowling balls, which will damage your kart and get you out of the game.

Currently, SuperTuxKart is sustained on all GNU/Linux distributions, as well as on the Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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