Ubuntu 12.10 is a free open source Linux distribution. The Quantal Quetzal edition is Debian GNU/Linux based operating system. It is a free distribution of one of the most popular free operating systems.

The operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux OS. Ubuntu has the Unity 3D desktop environment created by Canonical individually for this operating system.

Ubuntu allows you to boot an existing operating system that was installed on the first disk drive. You can run a memory diagnostic test. Moreover, you can examine Ubuntu without installing it. Also, try to install the operating system directly from the drive prompt.

This Ubuntu release does not have GNOME Classic fallback mode. However, some of the components are still based on the GNOME desktop environment.

The OS supports LVM and full disk encryption built-in the graphical installer. Also, it supports web apps. Overall, it should be mentioned that Unity experiences were improved.

Ubuntu is extended with Linux kernel 3.5, Xorg Server 1.13, X.Org 7.7, Mesa 9.0, GCC 4.7 toolchain, Compiz Fusion, Python 2.7 and 3.2.

It has a massive list of useful applications by default. Such as Mozilla Thunderbird email client, Gwibber social networking client, Empathy instant messenger, Rhythmbox music player, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Totem movie player, Gedit text editor, File Roller archive manager, LibreOffice office suite, and Deja Dup backup tool.

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